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3 Steps

Florida Natural Bodybuilding events promoted by GETCATFIT are sanctioned by the United States Bodybuilding Federation (USBF). To compete in one of our events you must follow these 3 steps...

Be a Natural Athlete

Be a natural athlete and submit to drug testing at our events. Please see drug testing information which contains the banned substance list. Contact us with any questions before registering for an event.

Register for the Events

Register for the events which you wish to compete. Links in below section.

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USBF Membership

Hold a valid membership in the USBF.


Athlete Show Registration


The Florida Flashback

October 23, 2021
Estero, FL

The Florida Fury


November 20, 2021
Coral Springs, FL

Online Fitness Class



What is the division criteria?

Division criteria can be found here.

What's the difference between a running and split format show?

A running format show means judging, individual presentation and awards run consecutively. A split format show typically means prejudging occurs in the morning while individual presentations and awards occur at a night show same day.

What is a federation?

The federation (e.g. USBF) is the sanctioning entity which sets the criteria for the athletes and provides a platform for athletes to compete and progress in their natural bodybuilding journey.

Pros from all natural federations will be honored as Pros in USBF PRO/AM competitions.

Learn from the Pro's

Great for everyone to learn more and prep for their shows.

In addition to our Ask the Pros events and posing clinics throughout the year supporting Florida Natural Bodybuilding, we also record a series of videos called "Ask the Pros" where a panel of professional natural bodybuilders answer questions. We definitely recommend watching this series.

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