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“At the gym, you do whatever you want. At GCF bootcamp, we do what you need!

CAT Burke, Founder


About GCF

GETCATFIT Bootcamp specializes in adult fitness & youth athlete training. Achieve your fitness potential - adults staying fit & aging well, athletes safely outperforming the competition, & all sustaining long-term results. We’re a community grounded in service, education & working with local specialists to empower adults, athletes & entire families to be the best versions of themselves - every day….& well beyond the gym. Is your goal weight loss, building strength, sports performance, injury rehab, or just an overall healthier lifestyle? Are you serious about your goals? GCF is the training facility for you!

GETCATFIT is founded and lead by CAT Burke. CAT holds certifications with ACE in Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She holds a BS degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education. CAT is an MICMS athletic coach, professional athlete, and natural bodybuilding promoter.

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