Memorial Day and "Murph"

The Murph workout was developed by Navy Seal Michael Murphy. We do this intense workout to honor those who fight for our freedoms.
CAT Burke
June 13, 2023
Memorial Day and "Murph"

As we take this time of year to celebrate our freedom, remember and honor those who have fought and lost their lives for us to enjoy this freedom, you may hear many gyms across the nation talking about the “Murph” workout.

This specific workout is named after Navy SEAL Officer Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan and received the Medal of Honor for his heroics in Operation Red Wings. The workout was Murphy’s favorite, and he performed it while wearing heavy body armor during his deployment. It’s since been named in his honor and now, gyms around the U.S. host a Murph every Memorial Day.

The amazing story of Michael Murphy can be found here

The “Murph” workout consists of a one-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats and then a one mile run to finish. The workout can be done in teams of two or three, or individually. Teams running together must finish the runs together, showing the camaraderie that our soldiers have for one another, the pull ups, push-ups and air squats can be split up between teammates to “lighten the load.” Individuals doing the workout are encouraged to push themselves and finish the incredibly challenging workout in a decent amount of time usually within 60-90 minutes.

The celebration around participating in the “Murph” workout is to remind us of the men and women who give it their all every day, sacrificing their time with loved ones, extracurricular activities, hobbies, and ultimately their lives so we are able to live free, enjoy this country and all it has to offer.

Many gyms across the nation will be hosting “Murph” workouts in honor of our fallen heroes and to remind us of the blessings of health, strength and freedom we enjoy! Happy Memorial Day, Stay Fit and Fabulous Florida!

*This article was also published in the Coastal Breeze on May 27, 2022.

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